Lockdown life…

I hope you are all safe and well! We’re living in strange times, doing things that we could never have dreamed of, and living a lifestyle that is far from normal. It’s a tough time for many. I wanted to share a few things that I’m grateful for in this period of lockdown. What are you grateful for? Please let me know in the comments, or share the post and tag me with your answer!

1. Family time

Myself and Ant, my boyfriend, although we live together, rarely get an extended period of time together due to our work patterns not matching up. We do make the most of our mornings and evenings together, but days are a rarity. At the minute we get to spend all day everyday together and I’m so grateful for the time! To spend 24/7 with the man who is my best friend as well as my other half is just amazing and I’m so grateful that lockdown is an opportunity to do just that.

2. Time to pick up new hobbies

As much as I enjoy going to the gym, I rarely make the time to go. Although the gyms are closed at the minute, there are so many home workouts available online. Ant has started running, and although I have never been a runner, when he runs I do a home workout such as Zumba or HIIT. It’s something that we do together so are encouraging each other through, but we both feel so much better for it and have both lost weight too!

Following on from that, we have had more time to cook. Usually we have meals that are quick and easy after work. Finishing working from home at 4pm usually means that there is much more time to spend cooking. We have been a lot more adventurous lately trying new dishes, and also cooking together which has been fun!

3. A slower pace of life

Those who know me well will know that I usually try and cram A LOT into my days- probably too much. I usually work too hard, burn myself out, and become easily stressed. Working from home, not having commitments to attend, and having nowhere to be has slowed life down a lot. For me that means not getting stressed easily, not feeling pressure to do things, not feeling the need to be in a million places at once, and generally being more chilled. I take my daily exercise on my lunch break from work usually, and ensure that it’s a full hour walk just to clear my head of all work related things and go back to my desk feeling more refreshed!

Having shared these things that I’m grateful for doesn’t mean that lockdown comes without challenges. For one, we are missing our family so much, and although we are regularly on FaceTime to them it’s not the same. I also didn’t realise how much I took little things for granted, like a Starbucks coffee, or a glass of gin at the pub on a Friday night. They’re little things but I’ll certainly appreciate them more when this is all over!

I hope that you are all safe and well! Please share your lockdown experiences in the comments as I’m really interested to hear how you’re all getting on!

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