Making a paralegal application.

Lots of law graduates and students will be making applications to paralegal jobs, in preparation for working after graduating or whilst studying. I thought it would be helpful to write some of my top tips for making a paralegal application to help with some of those that you may be making!

Make sure that you have researched the firm, and evidence it in your application, and your interview! 

This is so important. Firms want to employ someone not just with a passion for law, but also for their firm. Someone that they see can fits within their firm and working environment. Remember- the application is as much for you as it is for them, to make sure that you would be happy in the role.

Use the ’employment history’ section of any application to demonstrate the skills that you have developed in a certain role.

Many people use this section to describe the job that they did. However, by demonstrating the skills that you developed in the role, you are showing the firm exactly what you can offer to them. For example, rather that “I did a mini-pupillage and observed a barrister in court”, something like “During my mini-pupillage, I observed advocacy within the Employment Tribunal, a skill which I have been able to develop further in Mooting competitions that I have taken part in”. This shows so much more than a simple description, and allows the firm to see how you will benefit them.

Be Honest. 

In my interview for my current role, I was asked what my career aspirations were. I explained what my long term goals were and how the role that I was applying for fit into that. For me it was really important that the role fit into my career aspirations. I found that it has been really beneficial, as the firm has been really supportive of my career aspirations, and have allowed me to learn so much from the partner within my team.

Be Yourself. 

We are all people at the end of our day, with our own hobbies and aspirations.  Law firms do not want little robots who are all the same, they want people with individual personalities and characteristics, don’t be afraid to show that. Of course, keep it professional, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with being yourself!


I hope that you have found this helpful, and please feel free to contact me should you have any questions!


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