My top legal blogs, podcasts, and vlogs!


 There are so many excellent legal bloggers out there that this might be pretty difficult to pick! I’ve gone with my top three of each, so here we go!

Legally Liana 

Lucie is currently completing the GDL, having secured a training contract at an international firm. She has a passion for inclusion and diversity within the legal profession and has filled her blog with top tips for applications, studying, and lots more! She also has a design brand- Liana Designs, where she designs and sells lovely post cards, like this one which I received in the post recently!

Find her here.

Lucy Does Law

Another female legal blogger. This girl is absolutely smashing it! She blogs her top tips for studying, revision, and applications, as well as general lifestyle things too. She has an incredible talent for manging her time and fitting everything in her very hectic schedule- I just don’t know how she does it! She is also always willing to help and has a lovely bubbly personality!

Find here here.

Legally Run

Another fantastic legal blogger. Sophie has completed her LPC and is an aspiring international lawyer. Although she doesn’t have a website blog, her Instagram is too good not to be mentioned in this post. She posts legal updates on her stories regularly, as well as giving insight into life in a law firm, how she is managing applications as well as working full time, and she also does a lot of running half marathons to raise money for Breast Cancer Now, which is fantastic!

Find her on Instagram: @LegallyRun


Kalyn’s Coffee Talk

Although not strictly a legal podcast, Kalyn’s coffee talk is full of the motivation and positivity that I need in my life! Life as an aspiring lawyer can be tough, and the positivity in this podcast helps get me through! She discusses the things that have helped her as an entrepreneur, and I have really been able to relate when building my own personal brand and assessing what things make me attractive to a law firm and their recruitment team.

Style your mind

Another not strictly legal podcast, but another woman entrepreneur absolutely smashing it and helping me get through! Cara discusses speaking your dreams into existence, believing in yourself, banishing your anxiety, and other relevant topics! I have found these really helpful when facing knockbacks and wondering if I’ll make it. The speaking your dreams into existence episode I found particularly helpful when talking about my future career and finding the motivation to just keep going even when the end goal seems so far away!

BBC Business Daily

This is a great one for improving your commercial awareness. Each episode is 15-20 minutes long and discusses a relevant commercial issue within the business world. The best thing for you to do then is consider the legal impact of the news, and whether a law firm would need to be involved in the matter too. This kind of task is typical at assessment centres, so a great one to do every day if you can do so that it becomes second nature to you!



Law Careers Net

Law careers net has a fantastic range of video blogs produced by aspiring barristers and solicitors, so suitable for any career path. They can give a real insight into various areas of the profession, and top tips for the different stages that you’ll have to go through too, from people currently going through them!

Find the channel here.

Samantha Hope

As the graduate recruitment manager at Shoosmiths, Samantha has lots of advice to give on the application process for aspiring solicitors and making yourself stand out to recruiters. I think it’s extremely important to make the most out of videos like these as it is literally a recruiter saying what they want to see in the applications that they will be assessing. Could you ask for anymore?!

Find the channel here.

Eve Cornwell

Would it be right to discuss social media and not mention this absolute legal queen? She is goals for many aspiring lawyers and many legal bloggers and vloggers. Eve has blogged her way through to a training contract with Linklaters and it doesn’t stop there. She gives a snapshot into her life as a trainee, life at her firm, and so much more! Plus, her love for coffee is something that I’m sure all of us can relate to!

Find the channel here.

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