Assessment centre tips

So on Monday I attended my first assessment centre. It was the first training contract I’d applied for so I was very lucky to make it to the assessment centre! I haven’t heard the outcome of the day yet but I learned a lot that I think will be of use!

1. Be yourself

Law firms want to hire people, not little robots who can recite the entirety of a statute book to them, or the whole of the last month’s legal news. These are the people you’ll be spending all day every day with and they want to see that they will be able to spend time with you as a person!

2. Don’t compare it to other assessment centres.

I had the benefit of this experience being my first, so I had nothing to compare it to.

I think that really helped me. No two assessment centres are the same- it’s almost impossible to predict what you’ll be doing. I found that a lot of people who had been to other assessment centres were thrown off because this one wasn’t what they expected and that had a negative impact on them. So keep an open mind if you can!

3. Don’t worry about other people

One of the things that I was most worried about was the competition from others there. I was worried that it would be really competitive and a tense atmosphere all day! Thankfully it doesn’t feel like that at all as everyone is going for the same thing, so everyone will be super lovely as they want to impress!

4. Relax!!

It’s a tough day, but it’s even tougher when you’re stressed and anxious about it too! It’s natural to be nervous beforehand and when you first arrive, but try and relax throughout the day so that you can give your best performance!

5. Learn from your mistakes

Nobody is ever perfect. You may have thought it went really well, or you may just want to put it out of your mind until you know the result to stop it driving you crazy! If you can (either straight afterwards, or once you know the outcome), evaluate your performance and learn from your mistakes as this really helps you improve in the future! However, if this turns into beating yourself up for not being as good as you’d have liked, then stop, that isn’t productive!!

Finally, enjoy the day! I loved my assessment centre and it helped me to find out more about the firm- which I already loved, and now love even more!

Good luck!!

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