How I prepared for the Bar Council Pupillage fair.

If you are considering becoming a barrister, I would highly recommend attending a pupillage fair. Whether you are a college student, undergraduate or postgraduate student, if you are considering a career at the bar, the pupillage fair has something for you.

The event:

This years bar council pupillage fair, held on 27th October, features over 70 chambers, employed bar associations and bar affiliated associations. There will be talks on accessibility to the bar, life at the bar tailored to each individual area of law, funding and tips on pupillage applications. There will also be sessions to have your CV and applications checked by junior members of the bar, and receive advice from people who have been through the application process recently. Keep reading to see how I’ve prepared.

  1. Made a note of chambers that I wish to talk to.

If you know what area of law that you want to practice in, or where in the country you wish to practice, then use this to work out who you want to talk to in order to make the most of your day. For example, if you want to practice in family law, there is no point in asking a commercial set about their firm.If you don’t want to practice in that area, then it will not be making the most of your time. Equally, there is no point in going to a 40 minute talk about life at the criminal bar, if you don’t want to be a criminal barrister. However, if you are not sure what route you want to go down, do take the time to visit different chambers that practice in different areas of law, and ask them what it is like to practice as a barrister in that area.

2. Work out what you wish to gain from the day

It’s a good idea to work out what it is that you wish to gain from the day. Are you working out whether a career at the bar is right for you? Are you deciding whether you want to apply to different chambers? Are you looking for tips on applications? Whether it is any or all of these, having goals is so important in making the most out of your day.

3. Find out about the chambers that you will be talking to.

If you know a little bit about the chambers that you will be talking to, then this can help you in talking to them and can help you stand out to them, which may help when it comes to applying to them for pupillage. If there is something that you particularly like about a particular set, tell them, discuss it with them, find out more. Putting this in your application to that set can help you. They will know that you’re not just applying to them because they’re another family set, but because you have a genuine interest in what they do and joining their team.


Finally, if you do go to any pupillage fairs or careers fairs, have fun!





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