Starting your LLB..

Just a really quick post today for all the students starting their LLB Law degree this year! Any questions throughout the year, feel free to message me; my twitter is @elliskindred_

1. The first month is hard, it may seem like everyone else knows a lot already and you’re very confused, but trust me, everyone is in the same boat!! Once you’re used to all the legal jargon and university ways, you’ll be sorted, just don’t be too hard on yourself the first few months, because everyone struggles!
2. Make a ‘neat version’ of all of your notes after your lectures so that they’re all together in one place for when it comes to exam season, because the last thing you want is missing notes or to be going through and having to re-write things! You’ll have plenty of content to work through by the end of the year so you don’t want to make it any harder on yourself!
3. As scary as it seems, networking is really useful really early on! Where there is an opportunity to attend events with various different contacts within the legal profession, make sure you do! As much as your career will depend on your hard work, it also helps to get your name out there and get yourself known a little bit- social networking sites such as LinkedIn and twitter are brilliant for this! (Make sure you make a ‘professional’ account rather than a personal one)
4. Get involved in every opportunity- the only way you’re going to gain experience and be the top of your game is if you get involved, no matter how scary it might seem at first!

Trust me, I started uni a very shy and quiet person who didn’t get involved in anything and rarely volunteered answers. By the end of first year, with a little bit of help from my friends and tutors, my confidence grew so much and I was involved in mooting, various networking events, and have just been elected secretary of our university’s Law and Criminology society!

6. Don’t be afraid to speak up- A lot of our seminars were assessed on our contribution. The less you speak, the less chance you have to be assessed well. So, as horrible as it is to start with, be a little selfish and don’t be afraid to speak up!
7. Have fun!! Although the LLB is hard work, don’t forget to have fun too! Your uni days are some of the best days of your life, so whilst you need to work hard and be amazing, you also deserve to have a bit of fun too!!

That’s all from this post- As I say, message me if you have any questions, worries etc!

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